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Join the Preschool Promise Family NOW!Do you want to send your 4-year-old to Preschool this Fall? We can help! We provide great FREE benefits. If your child is not yet 4, you can still get perks.Learn More
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"Not A Box" is in mailboxesThe May book-of-the-month is arriving in Preschooler's homes. Explore and talk about if you had a box, what might you pretend it is?Learn More
Cohort teachers graduate!Congratulations to 4 Preschool Promise teachers who recently graduated from Sinclair College with their Associate's Degree. They began the cohort program almost 3 years ago. We commend them on their dedication to the Early Childhood profession.
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Check out our new videos to accompany our Play Boxes!Families in Preschool Promise receive materials every month to do fun learning activities. Our videos show all the things you can do with these items.Learn More
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